I offer beginner, intermediate and advanced piano and keyboard lessons for kids and adults. Instruction is geared towards your specific interests and tastes, and I teach you how to play songs you love.

I focus on teaching piano in a modern, accessible style of playing verses a classical methodology. Think of it like learning folk or rock songs on guitar verses the steep learning curve of staff notation and technique that goes into playing classical music. That being said, if you desire, I can get you started with music reading, theory and classical too!

Piano was my first instrument. I was fortunate to have a family friend let me play her beautiful Yamaha baby grand. I was deeply intrigued by the sound, and taught myself how to play chords and to improvise. I soon bought an Ensoniq keyboard and started writing 80's electronic-ish pop music. And later, I learned more formally, and started college with piano as my primary instrument.

I strive to make your piano learning experience fun, engaging and fulfilling! And get you playing music that you love as soon as possible! You can read a lot more about how I teach on the Lessons Overview & Teaching Philosophy page.


  • PIANO CHORDS: Easy chords for starting songs, piano chord construction & advanced chord technique
  • RHYTHM: Starting with easier. Moving to more complex. And then more improvisational.
  • LEFT & RIGHT HAND TECHNIQUE: Lots of ways to use both hands for variety musical options!
  • PIANO TECHNIQUE: The ins and outs of piano, finger dexterity and scales as needed.
  • PIANO SOLOING: Learn to improvise on the piano! It's much easier than you might think! And a lot of fun!


acoustic & electric guitar | piano & keyboard | bass guitar | ukulele

  • EASY, ACCESSIBLE MUSIC READING: I use simple forms of written music, instrument technique and memory based learning, that are immediately accessible from lesson one! You'll be playing music you love right away!
  • SONGS: Learn the songs you want! With guidance from me to help you learn progressively
  • STYLES: Learn the styles you like! Folk, rock, blues, pop, country, soul, heavy, singer-songwriter, bluegrass, world, starter jazz, starter classical, and whatever else you love!
  • SINGING & PLAYING: Much easier than you think! And makes your experience more fun!
  • VOICE: I teach robust, practical singing~voice~vocal technique to whatever depth works for you if you want to improve your voice along with your instrument!
  • MUSICIANSHIP: Learning to be musical. And playing like you mean it!
  • CREATIVE PLAYING: Spice up your playing with creativity, improvisation & advanced technique!
  • BLUES: Blues is the foundation of a lot of modern music. A lot of students love learning the blues!
  • USEFUL MUSIC THEORY: Relevant to your needs, goals and playing ability
  • IMPROVISATION: Applied to your soloing and accompaniment
  • SONGWRITING: Learn to write your own songs through tools, tips and theory
  • PERFORMANCE: Techniques and practices to help with your open mic or gig
  • JAMMING: Learn the theory and tips to play creatively and improvisationally with other people
  • RECORDING: Techniques and practices to help with your recordings
  • SIGHT READING: Learn to read standard staff notation
  • COACHING & PRACTICE STRATEGIES: Make sure you are getting out of your own way to reach your goals. And you have the most effective strategies to get there!
  • WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT TO LEARN: I can help you learn whatever else you'd like to learn!