how much do lessons cost?

Please check the Rates, Location & Hours page.

Where are your located?

Please check the Rates, Location & Hours page.

DO you come to the my location for lessons?

Unfortunately, I only teach lessons out of my studio.

What days & hours DO YOU TEACH?

Please check the Rates, Location & Hours page.

Do you teach on the weekends?

Unfortunately, I do not teach on weekends. Please check the Rates, Location & Hours page for more info.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I accept check or cash. Or I can arrange for online payment via fee-free forms of electronic payment: Square Cash, Venmo, Paypal Friends & Family or Dwolla.

Do you teach group lessons?

Group lessons are available if you'd like to arrange the group yourself. Examples are: families, siblings, friends, bands and so on. The group AS A WHOLE is charged the same hourly rate as individual lessons and can split the cost between them as they see fit. I also teach classes and workshops in: : Mindful Music, Mindful Music, home studio recording, kids rock band, songwriting and performance . Or check the for more info.

How long have you been teaching lessons?

I have been teaching lessons part time since 2001 and full time since 2004. I'm a "master" music teacher with over 14,000 hours teaching private lessons.

Is teaching singing and guitar your full time job?

Yes! Teaching has been my sole source of income between 2004 and 2014. In 2015, I started a couple other ancillary businesses: Evolving Alternatives: mediation, coaching, workshops & consulting And I co-created an improv summer camp for kids called Camp CHAOSity: A week of artistic discovery for kids! Joy. Collaboration. Empowerment. Community. Improv, Music & Writing... But teaching remains my full time job!

How many students do you have?

I usually have about 35+ students on my schedule. Most students come once a week. Some students come once every other week. And occasionally students come less frequently.

Do you teach electric guitar?

I do! I teach acoustic and electric guitar.

I don't have a guitar. Can you help me figure out what I need to buy?

Yes! Please acoustic & electric guitar for more details.

What instruments do you teach?

I teach lessons in: singing~voice~vocal, transformational singing lessons, acoustic & electric guitar, piano & keyboard, bass guitar and ukulele , as well as classes and workshops in: Mindful Music, Mindful Music, home studio recording, kids rock band, songwriting and performance . I often work with folks on public speaking and auditioning, as well as teach various musical aspects on instruments that I do not play i.e. I have taught students aspects of the violin and flute.

What is your experience with music?

Please read the About The Teacher page for more info.

Do you teach children?

Yes! I teach children starting at age 5. Though this age is an estimate and depends on their natural abilities. Scheduling a free intro lesson is the best way to determine if your child is ready for lessons!

What do I do when my child is in his/her lesson?

It's up to you and your child. Whatever feels best! Some parents sit in on their child's lesson. Some parents wait out in the living room and read. Some parents wait in their cars. And some parents run errands and come back and pick their child up at the end of their lesson.

Can I bring someone with me to my lesson?


Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes! Please contact me for the details on how to purchase a gift certificate.