Kevin M.
For the last 5 months, John has been teaching me to play my guitar, not just songs, at my pace and level. Once you can play your instrument, the songs take care of themselves. I know I've sent a few notes his way that would make a lesser teacher cringe, but he sits through them and always has constructive criticism and something positive to say.
Bob D.
I had been playing guitar for a while before starting lessons with John. He has helped me take my guitar playing, singing, and song writing to the next level. John has me focus on areas of my music that I would like to improve, but also helps me to identify things I need to work on. I would recommend John to anyone interested in learning how to play the guitar, and also to those looking to improve their playing.
Kevin L.
Before I started taking lessons from John I was terrified to sing and thought I had the worst voice ever. John taught me what it takes to sing with confidence. He is an incredible teacher, he is very driven to make his students better, and is literally a musical genius. John did not try to change my voice, his lessons gave me the tools to refine my own style and make my voice the best it can be. I am playing gigs on a regular basis and performing as the lead singer. I have had numerous people say I have a beautiful voice, I never thought that I would ever hear that. I literally owe every bit of it to John, he's the best, and an amazing teacher!
Bill U.
Petroleum Landman
John has been teaching my 12 year-old son since he was 8. Under John's tutelage, my son became skilled enough to enter Denver School of the Arts as a guitar major. More than just the skills he taught, John kept my son engaged and nurtured in him the passion for music that took him where he is now.
Sef W.
IT Professional
I just wanted to drop you a note to express how grateful I am to have found you and to have taken lessons in your studio. Working with your techniques, I found a way to consistently connect with a part of my voice that I never knew existed. Thank you.
Jennifer B.
Human Resources
I have loved to sing ever since I was a little girl but somehow as we grow older our insecurities come forward and we convince ourselves of our inability to live out our passions. I feel fortunate to have been able to work with John on my singing! Although it took until my 40's to rediscover this passion area, I was able to get myself on a stage to sing in front of 300 people after a few months of lessons. Not only does John have a gift of music, he has a gift of working with individuals to break down the mental barriers of carrying out our dreams. Thanks John!
Paul R.
I have been working with John for almost a year now and have seen my progression with guitar, piano, and voice. He allows you to choose your journey and makes it possible with any background. Putting everything together is such a wonderful feeling.
Chris L.
Retired Professor
I have never before come so far in such a short time until I took lessons with you. So, thank you very much!
Brandi T.
Police Officer
I have a great time working with John. I feel like things are explained to me at my level and if I don't understand he tries another angle. I am very happy with my lessons.
Kim B.
Human Resources
I have been taking singing lessons with John for about a year. I was very uncomfortable with my singing voice and John created a safe place for me to try new things and has gently challenged me to achieve my goals. What he also brings to the experience is a focus on the whole person as opposed to just technique. Singing is more about who I am "being" and what I am feeling than it is the skill of producing sound. John is capable of engaging his students on this level and, at least for me, this has made a huge difference in my own development. I highly recommend him as a teacher.
Tina J.
John is an incredibly supportive instructor, and has an individuallized approach to teaching. I started taking guitar lessons with him several years ago, but was always interested in singing as well. Like most people, I did not think I could sing. He was every encouraging, and gave me some great tips to make practice efficent and fun. I progressed very quickly, and can actually sing in tune now! I encourage anyone who thinks they can't sing or play an instrument to try John's methodology and see if it works for you!
I appreciate John's an individualized way of teaching my son music that interests him. John gives correction while remaining positive and encouraging. When my son began lessons he only wanted to play guitar but with encouragement he has begun singing and his confidence has grown to the point he has sung in public multiple times. I have and will continue to recommend John to friends who were looking for music teachers for themselves and their kids.
Kristen K.
VP Leasing
I would definitely recommend Make Great Music to anyone that has ever thought of giving guitar or singing lessons a try. I purchased a guitar for myself for my birthday and just couldn't seem to get the hang of it on my own. Taking lessons with John has given me the foundation I need and at the same time helped to build my confidence in order to sing and play in front of others. John is always encouraging and very patient in his teaching delivery. I am excited to see how this new passion continues to develop thanks to the help of John!
Diana H.
I'd like to recommend an awesome music teacher who lives in the neighborhood: John Shapiro. John teaches guitar, piano and singing lessons to several kids (and adults) in our co-housing community and the neighborhood. I hear wonderful things about his patient and enthusiastic guidance of children in learning how to play music. I've talked to John about getting my daughter, Isabella, started with learning how to play an instrument in the not-too-distant future once she is old enough.
Liam O.
I came to John to help me with my singing. Though I have decades of experience playing instrumental music my voice needed a lot of help. John developed a plan tailored to my needs and worked with me to get to where I needed to go. I continue to work with him. I've had the great fortune of having the opportunity to study with some of the greatest instrumentalist in my field. John is easily the best instructor/coach I have ever worked with. I would recommend him to musicians at any age or experience level.
Anya Y.
Parent & Educator
We have been very lucky to find John to help our 14 year old son continue his musical pursuits. He is extremely knowledgeable and diverse in his tastes, an intuitive and kind teacher. Our son has made a great deal of progress and loves going to his lessons. He feels challenged and stimulated. We hope they continue this relationship for a long time.
Josh H.
Engineer & Musician
John has been a huge asset to me. I've appreciated his teaching style. He is flexible and engaging. I have primarily been taking vocal lessons from him and he has found a way to work with me that I can enjoy and that I can take back to my own practice time. I have seen tremendous growth in my ability and more importantly I have received solid guidance on what to listen for in my singing and how to help myself develop on my own. John is a great tool with a focus on giving you the tools to excel.
Jesse W.
High School Student
I have been a student of johns for the past five years now, and I have grown so much. I am amazed how well he is able to answer your questions and help you find what you need to work on. John makes it fun while doing at a pace that is best for you.
Tami P.
Fitness Club Owner
I have been taking lessons from John for many years. He has given me the most amazing knowledge and I have become a stronger vocalist in my rock bands. I also learned so much on my bass guitar as well. John is well experienced, very qualified and extremely professional. Try a lesson, you will be hooked. He will make it fun for you and you will be "making great music in no time!"
Joe B.
Real Estate Agent
John has helped me learn my way around the fretboard. I had been playing for two years before I started with John, and in three short months I have increased my knowledge exponetially. John has teaching materials and pratice CDs well prepared in advance of the lesson. John is patient and explains concepts thoroughly and in a manner that is easy to understand.
5th Grade Student
John is a good instructor he lets you play songs you want, if you pick a song that is hard he helps you find anotherone you will like and helps you compose music by teaching scales and starting with easy songs.
Jeremy B.
United States Airforce
In the past when I had other teachers, I was basically paying them money to listen to them play, but John basically breaks it down to my level, a beginners level.
Sherry R.
Social Work
John is a great teacher, who is willing to teach you at your skill level. He is encouraging, yet at the same time willing to give constructive criticism, I have enjoyed being taught by John.
Julia A.
Business Owner
I have wanted to sing all of my life. Sing properly that is. I have spent many years singing without progression. Until I met John. I found John's site online and gave it a shot.

I have never even ordered anything online so this was new to me! I was leary about going to a home to learn how to sing but when I arrived John was Professional and Polite. He answered all of my questions and got the information he needed to help me personally develop in my endeavor! The teaching environment is Above Par to many others. John has all of the equipment to help you learn. Whether it is singing to a piano/guitar or even having him download a song for you to practice he has it all at his fingertips.

The very first visit I received a practice CD-Free to use anytime I need. I started with John in January and six months later I sound better and better each week. I have never been to a class that John has not helped me improve. John is refined in his work and even when I sound horrible he never makes me feel dicouraged or uncomfortable.

I recommend John Shapiro over and above the rest! He is there to see you improve every time you visit. As a parent I would have John teach my children quitar and singing anytime. As a matter of fact I WILL when they get older. Thanks John for changing the way I feel about myself and helping me to improve my confidence level not only in singing but in everyday life!