My teaching studio and music school is located in good sized, dedicated room in my private home. Here are some key things:

  • PROFESSIONAL: Professional, comfortable, private, safe environment with no external interruptions
  • LOTS OF INSTRUMENTS! Several guitars, a fully weighted 88 key keyboard, a couple basses, a uke, a plethora of hand percussion and a whole orchestra of virtual instruments and computer accompaniment capabilities. All great for us to use in your lessons!
  • USEFUL TECHNOLOGY: Available aid your lessons: Computer and sound system for ease of looking up music and listening to musical examples from my library and online. Printer for materials, music and lyric printouts. Guest Wi-Fi for students who want to use their device instead of paper.
  • LIVE SOUND: Professional PA setup which comes in handy for some students to practice live performance, plug in their electric guitar or just for fun!
  • RECORDING: Professional recording setup which comes in handy for some students to practice recording, make demos, hear what they sound like or just for fun!
  • SOUNDS GREAT! Professional acoustical treatment for a better sounding experience!

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to schedule a free intro lesson.