AUDITION SUCCESS TO DSA! Several vocal and guitar students over the years have successfully auditioned for admission to Denver School of the Performing Arts (DSA ), an charter arts centric middle/high school in the Denver Public Schools. It's a tough program to get into! We collaborated on the best approach for their preparation. They worked hard and realized their goal of attending a great program for budding young artists!

WOOING HIS WIFE ON THEIR 30TH! Steve wanted give a very special surprise gift to his wife on their thirtieth wedding anniversary. He had never played guitar before and didn't consider himself much of a singer. He contacted me about lessons, and we hatched a plan. I helped him figure out a guitar to buy and a lesson plan that he could keep a secret. Over a few months, Steve built his singing and guitar skills, and as the date got closer, we did some as-close-to-the-real-thing practices for the big night. He arranged with anniversary-date-night restaurant to bring his guitar out at the right moment. And Steve, to his wife's complete surprise, and in public in front of a whole room full of strangers, sang and played "I Can't Help Falling In Love With You". His wife LOVED it! Wow!

WEDDING AWESOMENESS! I helped Brandi learn to play guitar and sing. And then how to write songs. And then she wrote a song for he fiancée. And played it live, as a surprise, at their wedding. Everyone loved it! Especially his fiancée! Mark wanted to do something special for his wedding. We worked for months on a Dave Matthews song that had special meaning for him and his fiancée. I helped him record a video of him playing the song live. And it was shown as a surprise at the rehearsal dinner. And again, everyone loved it! Especially his fiancée! And there are several more stories like this of students singing songs at their weddings or for weddings of friends and family.