Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I taught lesson exclusively via video (Zoom) during the spring of 2020 and winter of 2021 and outside socially-distanced lessons at my location during warm weather in 2020. This spring will be a mix of outside and video lessons depending on weather. I will resume normal inside lesson once my students and I are fully vacinated sometime this summer. More info about video lesson here. Please contact me for more details about outside socially-distanced lessons.



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In addition to this page, you can find more info about online lessons for: bass guitar (online/video)


I teach electric bass guitar in a way that will get you playing music you love from lesson one! Bass is one of the easiest instruments to get started on! And it's a great way to easily begin playing music with others! I offer lessons to beginners and seasoned players alike!

I'll show you helpful bass tips and tricks to help you move quickly from a simple understanding to more diverse playing! We'll cover useful bass specific theory and mechanics, and relate them back to other instruments in the band. So you can really let the awesomeness of the bass shine!

I love the bass! I added it to my instrument repertoire soon after I started playing music. I've had so much fun playing it in some of the bands I've been in! Holding up the bottom end. Being the heart of the groove. The creativity of the bass lines. And I still love jamming and recording with it!

Whether you are just getting started or your looking to learn some new tricks... My goal is to make sure your bass lessons fun, interesting and satisfying! Read more about how I teach on the Lessons Overview & Teaching Philosophy page.


  • BASS LINES: Simple bass lines, converting chords to bass lines & advanced bass line technique
  • BASS IS THE HEART OF THE RHYTHM: Start basic. And learn to own the groove!
  • BASS TECHNIQUE: Learn the ins and outs.
  • PICK & FINGER TECHNIQUES: Depending on what you're playing
  • BASS TAB: Tablature is an easier-to-learn form of music notation
  • BASS IMPROV: Bass improvising is super awesome! Check out the bass solo by Bakithi Kumalo on Paul Simon's Graceland


acoustic & electric guitar | piano & keyboard | bass guitar | ukulele

  • EASY, ACCESSIBLE MUSIC READING: I use simple forms of written music, instrument technique and memory based learning, that are immediately accessible from lesson one! You'll be playing music you love right away!
  • SONGS: Learn the songs you want! With guidance from me to help you learn progressively
  • STYLES: Learn the styles you like! Folk, rock, blues, pop, country, soul, heavy, singer-songwriter, bluegrass, world, starter jazz, starter classical, and whatever else you love!
  • SINGING & PLAYING: Much easier than you think! And makes your experience more fun!
  • VOICE: I teach robust, practical singing~voice~vocal technique to whatever depth works for you if you want to improve your voice along with your instrument!
  • MUSICIANSHIP: Learning to be musical. And playing like you mean it!
  • CREATIVE PLAYING: Spice up your playing with creativity, improvisation & advanced technique!
  • BLUES: Blues is the foundation of a lot of modern music. A lot of students love learning the blues!
  • USEFUL MUSIC THEORY: Relevant to your needs, goals and playing ability
  • IMPROVISATION: Applied to your soloing and accompaniment
  • SONGWRITING: Learn to write your own songs through tools, tips and theory
  • PERFORMANCE: Techniques and practices to help with your open mic or gig
  • JAMMING: Learn the theory and tips to play creatively and improvisationally with other people
  • RECORDING: Techniques and practices to help with your recordings
  • SIGHT READING: Learn to read standard staff notation
  • COACHING & PRACTICE STRATEGIES: Make sure you are getting out of your own way to reach your goals. And you have the most effective strategies to get there!
  • WHATEVER ELSE YOU WANT TO LEARN: I can help you learn whatever else you'd like to learn!